The dance industry is on fire! Dance is everywhere from So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars to the Step Up trilogy to videogames, concert tours and more. Everywhere you look the biggest celebrities, athletes, young adults, kids, and even new moms are dancing! Now is your chance to join the leader in hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, funk, ballet, and other modern forms of instructional dance. The dance studio that has taught the likes of Justin, Britney, Madonna, Katy Perry and countless other stars wants YOU to join the team and take advantage! For nearly twenty years, Millennium has developed a sterling reputation worldwide as the leader in instructional dance. Taking advantage of a fragmented market (can you name a studio other than ballroom dance studios or the local studio down the street from your house?) and low start-up costs and overhead, YOU can be the next dance mogul! No prior dance industry experience necessary!