We are here to help! Below find some common questions we receive. If this doesn’t help, feel free to call us at 310-999-1382.

How do I make money?

The MDC business model is pretty simple. There are a few ways to make money, but the main source of revenue is from dance classes. Students can pay per class or buy discount cards that allow them to purchase a bunch of classes at a lower rate. You can also rent out your studio, sell MDC merchandise, and sell water to make extra income.

What is the total investment cost?

Including franchise fee, security deposits, three months of working capital, flooring, mirrors, and everything else the typical MDC will run between $169k to $379k (depending on location, size, and amount of tenant improvements necessary).

How much can I make?

That is up to you! With the right people and right location a Millennium franchise can be your path to a financially rewarding career.

Does Millennium offer financing?

At this time we do not, however we are in discussions to hopefully do so at a TBD point in time.

Does Millennium provide training?

Absolutely! We provide training for franchisees and up to two employees at the flagship studio in North Hollywood, CA. We will teach you everything you need to know about running your studio.

Do my choreographers have to be trained as well?

Yes. In order for your MDC to have the same quality of instruction as students are used to at other MDC studios, at least one choreographer will be required to take a certain number of classes at the North Hollywood studio prior to becoming a Millennium Certified Choreographer. Your GM will be well versed in how to identify and select only the best talent in your area to work at your studio.

What are the Royalty Fees?

The royalty fee is 6% of gross revenues for the duration of the franchise term. Royalties for the first three months are waived. We designed our fee structure this way to give you the best possible chance to build your business early on and long-term. 

How long does it take to open my studio?

From the day you are approved and begin the process it should take you 3 months to open. This may vary depending on how much work needs to be done to your location.

If I want to open more than one studio, can I purchase the rights to an entire area?

Area rights agreements are available for the right, qualified individuals.

Do I have to have a background in dance to become a franchisee?

Not at all. Millennium has set up our franchise structure so that individuals who have the “perfect person” to run a studio can be the franchisee while the “perfect person” can run the studio as the general manager.

Who are my competitors?

While you will be competing with the local dance studios and other fitness facilities in your area, there is also a wonderful opportunity to work with the other local studios to help dancers become the best they can be . There are some really great local studios, but there is no other national player in the world of commercial instructional dance.

Are international opportunities available?

Absolutely! The Millennium brand is well recognized around the globe and we are excited to bring the studio to Europe, Asia, and elsewhere!

Now what do I do?

If you feel becoming a Millennium franchisee is right for you, fill out the left side of this page with your information.

Why should I get involved in the dance industry?

The dance industry is prime for a breakout, in the same manner the gym industry began to take off nearly 40 years ago. Turning back the clocks 40 years, the gym industry was dominated by local mom and pop gyms and one major player for the serious body builder, Gold’s Gym. Fast forward to today, the gym industry is run by larger company’s that cater to all types of gym consumers, not just the serious body builder. The dance industry today draws many of the same parallels from the gym industry of the past, and Millennium is poised to be the first major brand in the world of modern instructional dance.